Haas Brothers "Haas Angeles" @ UTA Artist Space In Los Angeles

UTA Artist Space presents Haas Angeles, the first exhibition in Los Angeles by multi-faceted sculptors, designers, craftsmen, and artists The Haas Brothers. Their internationally renowned work defies strict categorization, as do the fraternal twins themselves, disrupting both the design and art world with their playful and provocative biomorphic creations. Haas Angeles will be on view until October 14, 2017 at UTA Artist Space, 670 S Anderson St, Los Angeles, CA. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

Ariana Papademetropoulos "The Man Who Saved A Dog From An Imaginary Fire" @ Wilding Cran Gallery In Los Angeles

Taking inspiration from imagined spaces, vintage magazines, and books, Papademetropoulos creates environments that juxtapose ideas of perception and delusion. By using both realism and trompe l'oeil she references the history of painting while further developing the sense of illusion within her work. Featuring new paintings and installation, this exhibition focuses on our relationship to decor and interior space- it invites us to question functionality and taste, reality and fantasy. In a painting of a church interior the walls blur to the outside where the viewer is transported to a ‘Disneyfied’ realm; a surrealist dysfunctional home interior takes us ‘down the rabbit hole’ to a topsy-turvy space where everything is out of our reach, questioning our assumptions of home as comfort and retreat. Finally, the artist brings together a collection of more than 200 gothic romance novels, all written by women. Each paperback has a different title and a different story, yet all of the book covers share the common theme of a woman running out of a house from a presumed horrific fate. With this, she invites the viewer to confront the contradictions of fantasy vs horror, and ultimately the duplicity and hypocrisy within our popular culture. Ariana Papademetropoulos "The Man Who Saved A Dog From An Imaginary Fire" will be on view until October 26, 2017, at Wilding Cran Gallery 939 South Santa Fe Ave, Los Angeles. photographs by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

A Glimpse Inside The William Eggleston Artistic Trust In Memphis, Tennessee

The Eggleston Trust is the holiest of places when it comes to the life's work of legendary photographer William Eggleston. It is the nerve center where his son, Winston Eggleston, manages his father's negatives, commission requests, old cameras, ephemera and more. Before our interview of Eggleston at his home down the road, your first stop is this dim, slightly cramped office where you'll find everything from a camera stolen from a cafe table in Paris and found years later in a pawn shop in Tokyo, to a safe full of the thousands of original negatives containing William Eggleston's most famous images. Click here to purchase our Summer issue with an exclusive interview of William Eggleston and photographs from our visit. photographs by Oliver Kupper and Bil Brown

Aurel Schmidt "I Rot Before I Ripen" @ P.P.O.W. Gallery in New York

In her most recent works, on view at New York's P.P.O.W. Gallery, Aurel Schmidt retires her attention to detail and color in a series of mixed media drawings and installation. Showcasing items belonging to past and present lovers in I Rot Before I Ripen, Schmidt investigates girlhood, streetwear iconography, brand significance, and heterosexuality. I Rot Before I Ripen will be on view until October 7 at P.P.O.W. Gallery 535 W 22nd St, New York, NY. photographs by Adam Lehrer

Watch The Premiere Of The Music Video For Alex Cameron's Track "Candy May" Off New Album

Watch the video for “Candy May,” directed by Meghan McGarry. As she describes it, “Candy May is a visual, gut-wrenching longing, seeping out through the skin with a swagger that is distinctively Alex Cameron.” Cameron's new album, Forced Witness, will be released on September 8. Click here to read our interview of Alex Cameron from our archives. 

Mint&Serf "Warranted Non-Compliance" Group Show Opening @ Lazy Susan Gallery In New York

The exhibition of new works on paper by Christopher Johnson, Mikhail Sokovikov and Jason Aaron Wall (Mint&Serf) investigates a range of figurative themes and conceptual perspectives that always question but not always answer. After a two-year hiatus Johnson, Sokovikov and Wall return with a set of refreshed attitudes and new directions that explore personal identity, abstract experimentation and destruction as the human condition. Warranted Non-Compliance will be on view until June 5 at Lazy Susan gallery, 191 Henry Street Chinatown, NYC. photographs by Lorenzo Fariello