High Lining


by Jacob Beam


          I decided on a run, of all activities, to write poetry. It was a movement in my head with the lead starring Self. It was a lonely movement. It was scary the things I thought at times. The creations of my mind. The kindness that lacked.

         That teacher wanted me pinned down. The alarms sounded in his mind as his eyes read my line. Her choice of word meticulously constructed in order to avoid a scene but strong enough to penetrate the one person of attack. But I didn’t stay in that class to forget. I didn’t move on for one reason. I lost the battle. So I decided to keep writing.

Pens write on paper, voice writes on our mind.

Love conquers time with heavy reason and rhyme.

Hands move the pens but brains move the hand.

Hearts break the pen now breaking the brand.

Fires rage in the eyes the heat comes and goes.

Love quenches anger, will the world ever know?

Move now that pen with knowledge and skill.

Swords may be stronger but the pen always heals.

         That teacher looked me in the eye and looked away to the class. He pricked my mind and the blood rushed to my face. Stand behind your cowardly words as I fall in my chair. But what the teacher failed to realize is that passion and fervor is derived in the moments that destroy us. To be built truly strong you must first tear down your walls. I was shamed. You are shameful. We all carry pain. But truths lie deeper within me. I didn’t start this path to challenge the head of the classroom. I came here to show that I was head of the table. I write now to win. 

I received my education from The University of Texas-Tyler. I dig art, green tea and traveling. I live in Austin, Texas. I'm really enjoying the freedom from the terrifyingly backward thinking that only East Texas can bring.