High Lining


by Jacob Beam

          Policed properly but provided we wouldn't smoke the gentlemen allowed us to remain in the courtyard. It was a merry place indeed, where gnomes ran free in the blue grass. Fountain explosions mirrored that one summer night that causes patriotism for a moment. We walked with our fingers locked, sweaty almost. The paper dissolved long ago and buckles locked early on. A roller coaster in the sky as the fountains blew rain on our red necks burning from the day.

“You know what?” Softly, she spoke.

“Yeah?” Always sounding so eager.

“Stick your head in there and look under the sea.”

“I'm good." Staring into the water.

“Come on, it's liberating." Her lips broke and extended into a half moon that lit up the place.

“I did my hair. There may or may not be a circus man over behind that tree. I'm on record saying 'I am not able to see under water'. And I lost a dollar somewhere back there that needs to be found."

“Well let's find that dollar, man.”

 I fell for her every day.

A whirlwind of fear and rum and soda pop. Dancing about the streets in hopes of finding a thrill. One quarter and a turn of the merry wheel spinning round too slow the misery of the day sank with the sunset upon the grocery lot we found ourselves in riding on our steeds so noble. Colorful in taste but sour from seekers of thrill before. Worn down by the quarters of old. Worn down. But we watched that sunset. Burnt by the sun and dried out from the day we walked home quietly. And it wasn't because we had nothing to talk of but that we wanted to walk in the silence, in the now. But she spoke without boundaries.

“Tell me something.” She stated bluntly.

“I want to be a rapper.”

“I'm in love with an aspiring rap artist?”


"I guess I'm cool with that. What's your message? Are you an angry one? Will you wear a shirt?" Asking curiously.

"Love. Obviously not. Only my own line. I couldn't be caught wearing someone else's work." Understandably so.

“I see.” She smiled.

“Keep an eye out.”

“I will.” She tugged at my side as we continued the stroll.

“You tell me something.” I was intrigued by the game.

“I want to start a family.” Boldly, and proud.

“Let's do it.” Boldly in return.

We were married in that moment. The bond united by faith. One soul all too ready to begin life.

              the ring finger is broken it splinted bad ways

               paths of the wicked and lies led astray

bits and pieces of hearts are scattered about

stomped out by splendor and sex smelling stout

the heat of the matter went cold with the wind

vows meaning nothing but tone of the sin

loss of self in the hurt, the meter is set

waiting games of content circling in chess

move pieces of minds but seeing nonetheless

i feel the love of the headache now caught in a bind

circles mean only what circles the mind

          One physical kiss of the skin touches softly on mine. Relaxation after the long day sinks our heads into the pillows. Clouded minds swept away by love. We fly in the dreams and the spirit of the night.

I received my education from The University of Texas-Tyler. I dig art, green tea and traveling. I live in Austin, Texas. I'm really enjoying the freedom from the terrifyingly backward thinking that only East Texas can bring.