[PART TEN] Heaven

High Lining


by Jacob Beam

         Indian movement under the sky the stars by the fire, we danced. Time no longer yearned for our thought. The chief threw his neck down and up again. Phoning the past and the present alike. Spirits of old watched over the dance, the drink. Dust mixed with ember to light my soul. The chief handed me the cup.


            A nod of the head as my lips lapped up the last of the liquid. The dream it starts over again. I glide into the moment.


            All I could see was the dust-colored nothing that stretched thin across the page. I stood on a black top road split by a yellow line that was both forward and backward the same. Dusty for the Common Man but the chief and I stood firm. Sand bit the face softly. The sun hung lightly above our heads. So we started to walk.

            I do not recall exactly when the Common Man entered into the space but he carried a joyous tune. He sang of stories, lies, sex, and sandwiches. I laughed merrily at his bantering. The chief walking all the same spoke right.

            “Walk.” He stated simply.

            So we kept walking down this road in the dessert. Seeing no person or life, it was a lonely walk. The Common Man kept talking to me. He talked in many small moments.

            “Where are we going?” I asked aloud.

            “Think.” The chief resounded.

            “Blink.” The Common man suggested.

            “Jesus, guys.” I was frustrated with the lack of sound communication.

            So we kept walking, talking only when needed. Down in the dessert of the space. No life or movement afoot to hear of things coming or going. The stillness of the space was overwhelming. The lack of sound hung in my head.

            “There is no reason to keep walking.” I was done.

            “Trust.” The chief suggested.

            “Know.” The Common Man always out confusing the chief.

            “Ahh yes guys, ‘trust’, ‘think’, ‘know’. Sensei please tell me more.” Fed up with the antics.

            “Believe.” The chief was taking a drag from his pipe.

            “Give me some of that shit, please.” Thirsty for some substance.

            “Eat.” The Common Man demanded.

            So I partook of the pipe laden of green. A substance from the earth. One that was free of restraint.

            “Open your eyes, son.” The chief asked.

            I looked across the page and saw wonders of light and shapes. He earth now dancing in the rays of the day. My mind raced down the road and back again. The truth of the matter was now clear. I was seeking something that could not be found. The answers of my life no longer had questions, they just simply were.

            We left the street for a moment and flew around the place. Both went on to tell me stories of their life and goals. I knew that I would not be in this space for long. Listening to their lips throw sound it gently pierced my soul. No longer guarding Self I let down my wall, my sacred place. I understood the time. I no longer refused to give up my light, my happiness. I shone around the darkness that once filled my empty cup.

            When we landed I was alone. Left to my own. So I continued to walk. Looking only forward and staying in the truth of the moment. Staying in the now that was promised.

            Now back onto the street that was crafted for me I walked where we once flew. I scribbled one last poem in the sand. My middle finger bled a bit as I wrote my last piece.

The future shone bright but hazardous

Glimpses of the night push through us.

Pick a trade and prepare your mind

The evils of this life do bind.

Running now, run more so often

Bend back your wit to further soften.

The hearts are weak and no longer able

Take to the sky and release your cable.

We must save this place, or kill our brother

Forever slave for man and do no other.

          As the second hand unwinds intention is shown and all falls into place, into nature. We belong to earth and we long for the sun and the weather.

I received my education from The University of Texas-Tyler. I dig art, green tea and traveling. I live in Austin, Texas. I'm really enjoying the freedom from the terrifyingly backward thinking that only East Texas can bring.