Poet and Model Greta Bellamacina on the Orient Express

Pas Un Autre is excited to announce an upcoming collaboration with Greta Bellamancina for a series of video poetry readings. Greta Bellamacina is a London Based poet and model who has been lighting up the literary and fashion world. She has recently graduated from King's College London, published a book of poetry called Kaleidoscope, represented brands like Dolce & Gabbana, has been an in-house poet for various fashion brands, and just created a poetry/fashion film for Harper's Bazaar which pays homage to Woody Allen called A Love Poem to San Francisco. After the jump, read Greta's poem about traveling from LA to San Francisco with photographs by Kate Lorga, shot on the Orient Express.

The Starline:

We took the train, said goodbye. And then hello. Left the limerick of Los Angeles Behind us. Its hard to explain, It just is. And never so. The west coast Rides a tobacco city. The ghost of the spider, Is yesterdays sign. We are senseless to anyone But ourselves. Improvised in a voice to the crowd. Flux-fever, goodnight. No private speeches just a barbican of Concentration and sleep. Remember to awake me to sleep. Howl pass Butterfly Beach to San Francisco, a cowslip of us.