Sons and Daughters of Fascination: Moonspoon Saloon

Moonspoon Saloon is here to take your breath away - to a magical, wonderful place where no one has been brave enough to take fashion before.  In fact, bravery, along with creativity and a healthy predilection for the weird,  all seem to be one of the many variables in the algebraic equation that is the spirit of this Danish fashion collective. Moonspoon Saloon's collections are whimsical, but always explode with limitless imagination. You could even call Moonspoon stream of consciousness fashion.   In the Moonspoon universe fashion is performance art: a grand, dadaist experiment in the "character" behind the clothing. Their new collection, entitled Cabinet of Wounds, is inspired by "the wounds of the soul." The current lookbook, which is set in old cemetery, looks like a voodoo scrap book. Sara Sachs of Moonspoon Saloon, a collaboration between designer Sara Sachs and painter Tal R., had some incredible answers to a few questions posed by Autre.


Firstly, what is Moon Spoon Saloon? Who is Moon Spoon Saloon?

Moonspoon Saloon works simultaneously with performance and fashion. We develop our collections based on characters like the Chinese warriors for the "White Crane" performance at Victoria Miro in London or the pastel stripped roller skaters in the cake battle at Magasin 3 in Stockholm. Recently we did 50 plastic couture costumes for Ryan Heffingtion's grand performance at MoCa in Los Angeles. In the end it is still just a piece of clothing but we spend a great deal of time exploring the character behind it. We are grateful for the peacocks. Or the army that dresses up to die.



What is...a Moon Spoon Saloon....or is a state of mind?

MoonSpoon is like a sweet in the pocket of grandma’s apron.

I am curious to know a little more about the 99X99 concept - could you tell me a little more about that?

It was a point of departure for us. An obstruction that dictated the way we approached fashion. The basic idea is to create a family of 99 characters that would reproduce themselves 99 times in different shapes and forms.

In the end we will have close to 10000 unique pieces of clothing. We produce our items with an vivid cast of manufactures like our sweaters that are knitted by a senior citizen crafts group in a retirement home. We travel a lot and explore local crafts whether it is on the streets of Bombay or a village in the Amazon.


Your new collection is called Cabinet of Wounds - what is a cabinet of wounds? Could you tell me the concept behind the new collection?

It is the wounds of the soul. Every person has fractures on the inside and we wanted to show them on the outside. We stitched together different textiles randomly before cutting from the patterns. So every pieces has unique fracture lines between the different fabrics. At last we covered up the wounds with a black layer of sorrows. We did a catwalk show for the collection with models in half sunken shoes of wood and dirt carrying wounds on sticks.


Lastly, what are some of Moon Spoon Saloon's inspirations - in  fashion, but also in art, etc?

We are obscessed with old relics and often find inspiration in simple things like a pipe or a cane. Our new collection is called "Take me to Your Leader" and has a alien theme. We work with Juxtapositions and naive elements. We are sons and daughters of fascination. Moonspoon is about turning fascination into clothing. Every time it's a bit like mixing water and oil. Like bridging what doesn't have an obvious connection.

Text by Oliver Maxwell Kupper