Light and Shadows: An Interview with Megan McIsaac


Megan McIsaac is a 21 year old photographer based in Portland, Oregon. She shoots only film. Her photographic oeuvre is a quotidien dossier on her environment–both deeply personal, introspective, and moving–a remembrance of yesterday's otherwise forgotten hours.

When did you first pick up a camera? 

The first time I remember picking up a camera was when I was six years old and my grandfather let me wander off into the woods in Canada with his Nikon. A year later he gave me my own polaroid camera to have.

What inspired your first self portrait?

I can't remember the fist time I made a picture of myself, but i know that I was around nine or ten years old. I was tired of taking pictures of my dogs and was too shy to photograph the kids at school so I tried the self timer function on one of my polaroid cameras. The last self portrait on my website is from when I was a lot younger, maybe 14 or so.

What are some of your artistic influences?

My roommate, Shane, is one of my current artistic influences... he's 64 years young and creates artwork daily. Aside from him, I dont know if I can even begin a list... I really loved flipping through art history books when I was a child and I still do whenever I remember to. One of my first loves was the painter known as Caravaggio, I think he was the first artist to really make me think about light and shadows. Early Chanel and Yves Saint Laurent made me fall in love with fashion design and Rodin made me fall in love with the human figure... oh how the list goes on.

Quote to live by?

I have so many quotes written down on napkins, in my books and all over my blog, but I dont know if I would live by any of them for very long periods of time. It's always changing.