FRIENDS & LOVERS: An Interview with Photographer RORY D.C.S.

Upon first impression it looks like her nipples are pierced, but its actually bits of severed octopus tentacles, a couple of girls are covered in black paint or dirt or grass, and in one photo a girl is covered by a giant fish – the fins barely make her decent.  These are the madcap, decisive moments of London based fashion photographer Rory D.C.S., whose images are like supercharged, post-coital erotic mementos. His photography is intriguing and unique, not only in his polished fashion shots as shown in his proper portfolio, but also in Rory's diaryesque shots featured on his blog.  The blog's tagline reads a quote by copywriter Hugh MacLeod, "The price of being a sheep is boredom, the price of being a wolf is loneliness." How can a man be lonely with this many chicks around?


So, who is Rory DCS -  and where are you based? Rory DCS is a photographer who always sounds bad in interviews, no matter what I say but it here goes anyway. London based, although right now I am sitting in a studio in Sydney, where I spend a lot of time, on a break in the middle of a fashion shoot.

How long have you been taking photographs - can you remember the first image you ever took?Absolutely no idea when I started, the first time I took a photo with any awareness of aesthetics was of my friend Poppy which is a black and white polaroid, still have it somewhere. Maybe I should dig it out to remind me when I began. It was part of a small of my university course at the London College of Fashion.

Who or what inspires you? There is a quote I really like about inspiration; "Nothing of me is original - I am the combined effort of everybody I've ever known." And I would probably add to that everything I have ever seen. I just try my hardest to see as much as I possibly can and interpret it in my own way


Who are the chicks in your photographs?Lovers, friends and enemies, anyone who makes me feel something, for me my work is about feeling, conveying that feeling via a medium, and inspiring that same feeling in others.

You have a quote on your tumblr page that describes the collection of photographs: "The price of being a sheep is boredom, the price of being a wolf is loneliness." - Which one are you?  Wolf! Love wolves.

Do you shoot digital or film? Both, a camera is a camera for me, you pick the right tool for the right ethos is if you get hung up on technology then you are falling at the first hurdle.

Do you have a show going on right now?Have some work in the Primitive Gallery in Haggerston, London until the 4th September, and have a few more lined over the rest of the year.

Whats next? More more more always more, making films, having exhibitions, doing editorial, shooting campaigns, casual nudity, busy is the way I like to be.

WWW.RORYDCS.COM – Rory D.C.S.' show is on view until September 4 at Primitive Gallery in London

Text by Oliver Maxwell Kupper