Southern Gothic: An Interview with Brian Green

In the photography of Brian Green, there is a certain raw, unrestrained and immediate intimacy balanced with a straight to the heart mundaneness that is reminiscent of William Eggleston's bland, yet brilliant portraits of the American South.  And there is a parralel between Green and Eggleston - both are Southerners – Green is based in South Carolina. Just like all great Southern Gothic novels, Green's lanscape is rife with latent horrors and an effluvious aura of murder and erotica, like freeze frames from the dreams of a ghost with blurry and rough hewn images of skies, roads, grass and signage.  There is also a strict dichotomy between Green's landscapes and haunting portraits of tattooed women who lay about languorous in twilit and crepuscular Southern skies. See interview and more images after the jump.

PAS UN AUTRE: Do you remember the first time you got into photography?

BRIAN GREEN: I remember on one of our family vacations my mom giving me a little disposable camera to play with.

AUTRE: Do you remember the first image you ever took?

GREEN: I wish I did, I'm sure it was a Polaroid playing around with a camera my mom had but no clue about the images.

AUTRE: Whats it like being a photographer in the South?

GREEN: It's interesting to be honest, especially when it comes to nude work because some people understand the direction and then some people read to much into It, but I've never really been one for letting what people think sway me from creating the work I want.

AUTRE: What goes through your mind as you look through the viewfinder?

GREEN: I usually have my mind made up after I decide what Im going to take a photo of so I focus and click the shutter.

AUTRE: Your portfolio seems to consist of a lot of nudity or erotica and landscapes - what is the dichotomy?

GREEN: I feel the lines of the body and landscape share similarities with the lines flow and I've always enjoyed displaying the two together. I do have more work but have been a little slacking keeping up with scanning, but I'm catching up.

AUTRE: What are your major influences, inspirations?

GREEN: I take a lot of inspiration from my surroundings and feed a lot from what is going on while I'm shooting.

AUTRE: Whats next?

GREEN: Hoping to keep finding ladies to work with and travel and shoot more of the country, a mixture of those two.

To see more photography visit Brian Green's website. Text by Oliver Maxwell Kupper for Pas Un Autre.