21st Century Pin-Up: Under the Hood with Amy Hood

Sex kitten, sexpot, nymphette, Lolita – there are a lot of words that can be used to describe Amy Hood. However, this 21st century pin-up model proves that there may be more under the hood than meets the eye. Yes, blondes probably have more fun, but Amy Hood is proof positive that they can be smart and have a keen curatorial eye too. In Jonathan Leder’s photographs, she plays a recurring role – amidst a world that looks painted with grey cigarette smoke, a splash of floral curtains and an under layer of Lee Hazelwood on an old AM radio. This time around, Hood both opens her legs and her mind to both model and curate the second volume of Leder’s Fetishisms Manifesto, which is a brilliant pastiche of 60s pin-up magazine and the photographer’s own naughty fantasies. In this interview, Amy Hood talks about her favorite fetishes (hint: she likes being spanked) and her many roles besides being just another model.

AUTRE: What’s it like to be a 21st century pin-up model?

AMY HOOD: Simultaneously empowering and inspiring. It’s amazing to embody such a classic sense of femininity and style, and to pursue those ideals as graciously and loyally to the original Pin-Up’s and film starlettes as is possible within this modern day, technologically dependent society. The 21st century does allow one to have more quirks.

AUTRE: How did you meet or first start collaborating with Jonathan Leder?

HOOD: A couple years ago Jonathan cast me for a shoot for Flaunt Magazine, shortly after we shot some video work, our first, and before you know it we became this creative power duo, collaborating on print and film work alike.

AUTRE:What’s your favorite fetish?

HOOD: Hmm...bondage and spanking? Anything lightly Sado-Masochistic wherein I can be the submissive one ;) Voyeurism is always pleasant, maybe a little ‘Lolita Syndrome’.

AUTRE: Can you describe your part in A Study in Fetishisms: Manifesto. Volume 2?

HOOD: I am the curator and design director for the publication, which includes several job details. Primarily, I’m responsible for the design of the publication and the overall creative concept, as well as the theme and production of the individual photoshoots, and the selection of text. Also, I cast and style the girls, occasionally snap their photograph, and style the location if necessary – process, scan and choose the pictures which best befit the publication, etc. –work collaboratively with Mr. Leder – Oh, and a little modeling as well! Put it all together and you’ve got Fetishisms Manifesto.

AUTRE: Do blondes have more fun?

HOOD: After much thought and research... Absolutely! ;)

You can catch Amy Hood and other lovely ladies in A Study in Fetishisms: Manifesto. Volume 2, which is available to pre-order now. With photographs by Jonathan Leder, A Study In Fetishisms: Manifesto 2 embodies the idea of 'Blondes' - from dirty to platinum. It is a tribute to the spirit of America, it's fascinations with life, glamor, beauty and tragedy, and to the women that made, and continue to make, it possible.