Sex, Drugs and Profanity

Miami – Sex and profanity are, often erroneously, inextricably linked as and in a single condition. Stereotyping sexual behaviors and underlying fetishisms within urban culture has produced a widely-regarded notion of the activity within the ‘underground’, a vampire-like complex which effectively masks any sense of normalcy of sex as a natural act. Thus, drawing on ancient oral and written traditions, particularly within Western cultures, the profane is equated to dark, the sacred with light. Artists such as Nick Gentry, Troy Abbott, Simon Thompson and Stella Mouzi visually rebel against these common distinctions, instead offering the possibility of the sacred pushed deep underground and the profane distributed in broad daylight, achieving the spiritual and sensory blasphemies it seeks to suppress. Sex, Drugs & Profanity opens on the evening of November 12th from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. at the Robert Fontaine Gallery in Miami and will run until December 6th. Artists featured in the exhibition include Troy Abbott, Beejoir, Oleg Dou, Damien Hirst, C. Finley, Nan Goldin, Nick Gentry, Tina La Porta, Penny, Oliver Malin, Mantis, Stella Mouzi, Philip Ross Munro, Jefro, Scott Snyder and Simon Thompson.