[Outlaw Cinema] Black Biscuit

"Bewildering, vague, self-indulgent, plot-less, risky, egotistical, limpid, raw, ugly, and imperfect are perfect," declares an edict in the manifesto of Pink 8, a burgeoning "gutter filmmaking" cineast movement founded by Nottingham based Fabrizio Federico.  "We're trying to give British film an adrenaline shot, and to make a film equivalent movement of punk and lo-fi music but with a mass inspiration appeal like Cool Britannia. We dont want no budgets, or actors. This is whats happened since UK Film Funding has been cut," says Federico. A new cult film, entitled Black Biscuits, which will premier on December 12 in London, is pure outlaw cinema made by a rebellious auteur: "I had to life model to come up with money to make my film Black Biscuit. The non-plot is about a guy who wants to be an artist but gets sucked up in the sex industry. I guess it's about not waving goodbye to your dreams."