Grear Patterson 'Seek and Destroy' @ Depart Foundation

The Depart Foundation and American Academy in Rome to present Grear Patterson: Seek and Destroy, the artist’s first Los Angeles solo exhibition and the Los Angeles sequel to Patterson’s exhibition Forest Theater presented at the American Academy in Rome in 2014. A precocious former member of The Still House Group, New York-based American artist and photographer Grear Patterson, working in a variety of media, creates expressive works suffused with nostalgia for lost innocence and childhood rituals. Summoning many of his most significant formative experiences, he plumbs the pleasures and traumas of adolescence, evoking both personal and collective rites! ! ! of passage. His work, alternating between disclosure and reticence, explores not only the immediacy of reckless experience, violent impulses and erotic yearning, but also the halting emotional and linguistic shorthand used to express those furtive memories and desires. Grear Patterson: Seek and Destroy will be on view until May 30th at Depart Foundation, 9105 West Sunset Boulevard, Los Angeles