Watch Alex Kazemi's Short Film Shot In Real Time On Snapchat Starring Bella McFadden

Alex Kazemi, who published his first novel at 18, brings to us a new delight, this time in video form. Shot entirely on Snapchat, in realtime, Mudditchgirl91 – starring @internetgirl (AKA Bella McFadden) – is a tale of postmodern angst and longing. Kazemi says this about this film: "It's 2015 and it's getting harder and harder figuring out who is not on a movie set in their life all the time. Everybody is always in character. Our realities/perceptions are manipulated. Anyone born in the 90s is constantly at war with who they are online, and who they are offline. We lose our minds in front of the cameras as much as celebrities do. There is no outsider culture, because we are all scribing from the same homogenized source. What was once scary is now normal. Nothing is scary. Everything has to look strange/imperfect yet aesthetically correct. This short film was all done in real time in under 7 hours. Everything including the tweets, Tumblr posts, and Instagram posts are scripted. I directed over FaceTime, we were in different time zones. The cast was all found on Instagram at 3 in the morning, the props were bought in a whirlwind. Gaze away, and enjoy our little story about finding yourself in the Internet age."