An Erotic Life: Read Our Candid Conversation With Photographer Jonathan Leder On The Eve of His Solo Show in Los Angeles

Photography was invented so that we can experience the erotic fantasy worlds captured by photographers like Jonathan Leder. Never has a woman looked so supple and beautiful – either draped over a flower patterned motel bed, straddling a motorcycle or perched like a kitten in the grass - than in Leder's dizzyingly tantalizing images. In the following interview, Leder talks about cutting his teeth in the darkroom as the assistant photo editor of his high school newspaper, his getting fired from his own magazine (Jacques, which has gained a cult following in its afterlife), the discovery of his unique lo-fi photographic style, and his struggles with trying to get girls to smile in his photographs. Click here to read the full interview and see a sampling of some of Leder's most naughty photographs from his solo show, which opens tomorrow night.