Camilla at her Studio in Atwater Village

Camilla, otherwise known as Slut Fairy, is an ethical Slut, a pro-sex feminist, polyamorous, a sex-worker, a camwhore, a seamstress, "Don't approach sex workers like you are entitled to their body or attention. If you want to do business, do it politely and directly. Don't fuck around because we are young girls." DTF. Up cycled vintage cute, yes young. Forever young. Sewn-up, it's a delivery. Sex, youthful exuberance. She's on cam five days a week. She will fuck you. Maybe. Are you cute? Do you have manners? Are you willing to pay for it? Is that so wrong? "My genitals/boobs are illegal/dangerous/coveted/profit-making literally just some kids' body I was born into. Thx LA/the WORLD for raising me to see this flesh-prison of shame as a product of monetary and social gain." Camilla resides in Atwater Village, with her dog, and makes cute slut-wear for her etsy, the Slut Hut. She is a new brand of educated young feminist inspired sex workers that boldly take the idea of what Simone de Beauvoir called "The Male Gaze" and promotes sex to make it into a positive transaction that we often ignore or hide within the realm of misogyny or displaced pedophile altruism. As Bataille once wrote, "I believe that truth has only one face, that of violent contradiction." Men like to fuck young women. This is not out of the ordinary in Los Angeles, of all places. Like anything else, from Flynt Enterprises' Hustler to the ivory tower of Capitol Records, this place historically takes the piss out of common decency and uncommon indecency and makes it involute. Implode. And of course, monetize. And everyone is happy. In the end. Text and photographs by Bil Brown