Initiation: Photographer Sean Maung Captures A Dark and Dangerous World Backstage At A Washington D.C. Rap Club

Sean Maung's work is self-aware and straight up, no bullshit. He goes in and gets facts, doesn’t set up situations to make them seem glamorous or rough or exciting, they just are. Erotic, troubling, downright dirty, an homage to Nan Goldin and Weegee - work that is so uncomfortable and confident in its willingness to be exposed, looked at.  Sean Maung on Initiation: “[Emma Gruner]  had hit me up on Instagram. Sent me a DM of herself naked with a comment saying that she liked my work. I looked into who she was. She was an erotic artist from London. She wasn't afraid to immerse herself into erotic art; taking cock, sucking dick and swallowing cum. I liked that. It didn't feel like the porn, it felt like art. And she was real and confident enough to fuck in a hardcore way. I told her that I digged her work and if she was ever in NY to hit my line. She contacted me, saying she was gonna be in DC on the weekend of the 14th and I was randomly gonna be there the same weekend to shoot a rap show. She liked the idea of being backstage at a rap show, among an urban culture that isn't the same as in Europe. Growing up in LA, whenever I heard the word initiation, it meant a gang jumping you in. This was her initiation into a lifestyle that was exotic to her, but she was ready and open.” You can click here to purchase Sean Maung's series Initiation in the form of a limited edition zine here. text by Audra Wist