A Visit To Sebastian Gladstone's Studio Ahead Of His Solo Show "Fantasy Playground" At Club Pro Los Angeles

This weekend, Sebastian Gladstone, artist and editor-in-chief of Foundations magazine, will open his solo show, entitled Fantasy Playground, at the brand new Club Pro gallery in Los Angeles. Fantasy Playground is an introspective look at male adolescence as it pertains to our contemporary American landscape, where the insidious workings of the normative archetype of white masculinity operates through the hollow promise of a superior ideal. Certain unrealistic, hegemonic norms impose themselves as impossible demands to comply with and can never be fulfilled. The inherited, perceived privileges of white heterosexual masculinity then make subsequent life course losses all the more surprising and thus more painfully shameful, periodically resulting in final cumulative acts of violence to stave off feelings of invisibility or subordinated masculinity. Fantasy Playground will be on view from April 2 to April 21 at Club Pro Los Angeles, 1525 South Main Street, Los Angeles, CA. Photographs by Sara Clarken