Music Is A Sweet, Sweet Drug: Read Our Interview With Chameleonic Musical Artist Garrett Borns

Listening to the top two or three songs on [Garret] BØRNS's roster, like the insanely catchy track 10,000 Emerald Pools off his latest album Dopamine, one might get the idea that he's just another psychedelic pop balladeer making it big in the music industry. If Borns is is a pop balladeer, he's a damn good one. His work has garnered commercial and critical acclaim, he opened Coachella this year with LCD Soundsystem, and he's been touring for the last year and a half. But listen to Borns's live cover of Leslie Gore's "It's My Party" - just him on stage with an electric guitar - and it's eerily like listening to a young Jeff Buckley, the soul in his voice, the vocal travels to the highest highs and darkest depths, and all the simple sweetness in between. We talked to the singer/musician about the soul influences on his sound, falling in love with LA, and music as a drug. Click here to read the rest of the interview.