[POETRY] Girl Gone Swimming


by Bud Smith, with illustrations by Michael Seymour Blake

The girl has vanished

into her own head

one foot is kicking out

of the eye socket

where we can see

blue waves of big ocean.

The girl has gone swimming.

And has fire engine

lips curled, smiling.

She's doesn't want to be in this

waiting room at the dentist.

She doesn't want to grade

the students' papers.

The dishes will not be done

now or ever.

The girl has decided to go
swimming in her skull.

But there is a problem.

She still has her sneakers on
and everybody knows how hard
it is to swim with a pair of sneakers on.

Real ocean. Or Day Dream ocean.

Hard business.

Shoes become anchors
made of canvas and plastic.

Ah, no good

I believe we're watching her sinking.

blonde hair plunged beneath the water

But the hand that flies up

may or may not be meant
to signal distress.

It could mean any one
of these three things:




all those things meaning the same thing.

But what I think, is this:

the girl has gone swimming

and the hand reaching up

is stretching

is pulling down the eyelid

like a curtain

because her fantasies

are not any

of our big bad


to look in


Bud Smith is the author of the novels F 250 and Tollbooth, the short story collection Or Something Like That and the poetry collection Everything Neon. He works heavy construction in NJ and lives in NYC where he has a car he parks on the street like that TV show Seinfeld.

Michael Seymour Blake is an art creator and admirer, person who says "hello puppy" in a weird voice whenever he sees a dog, and hypochondriac extraordinaire. He has lived in New York his whole life and has a love/hate relationship with it. He likes talking at length about movies, books, and comics, he also enjoys toys, food, and old stuff (but not old food). Email him at SeymourWBlake@gmail.com to talk about things.