Watch The Premiere of Girlfriend Of The Year's Short Music Film Ahead of Her Forthcoming Shows as Special Guest to Animal Collective in Europe

It's a little like Lost Highway for the Millennial generation – GFOTY, otherwise known as Girlfriend of The Year, has a released a surprise album, short film and online network ahead of the British cult pop star's upcoming April tour with Animal Collective. She has also released a four track EP called VIPOTY. The album, released on the PC record label, is the first full release in two years. The short film can be described in a simple sentence: "Watch and learn as an obsessive loser called Polly tries to steal GFOTY’s hunky boyfriend Chad, and pays the price when she downs her final GFOTYBUCKS Chocolate Cream Frappuccino." Click here for GFOTY tour dates and here to download the album.