CAMBER SANDS by Robert Montgomery and Greta Bellamacina

Camber Sands

by Robert Montgomery and Greta Bellamacina 

how you do the gate

How you do the dance like this perpetually

How England is nothinged easily

how you do only the end of it

how you remember the morning mist

the sheep in the salt marsh


done for by voice in the windows

calling down with orders or old haunts of owls

everything starts and ends with where the borders used to be

once France began at the edge of the salt marsh just outside of Rye

once England ended thirty eight miles south of Calais

for the diluted sea

for the held heart

of the just morning

for the gasped mist of the held channelclouds which

Make Sussex and Normandy one territory


how dare you do all of these drawings on the landscape

as if the earth was something you could make words from

how dare you draw lines on this

Childish Kings

lines on sand


i didnt want to be just like my mother

I didn't want to be justified at all

Or explained

We never needed to

The wind on the high clouds in the big gulped summer

which pushes cumulus over in new ever blue sky faster

than the P&O Ferry

how you only let the stars leave\

how you only let the post love

why you only wanted to pour me outwards


my car window Saint brother Louis

the yellow words which have your name

like coins like fountains

like have you noticed everyone

feels really reassured by Japanese restaurants

and tears down

and plywood and soft music

which don't want to attach themselves to any resemblance of rain.

what could the oceans drift or remember

if we could possibly ask them

so many drainted

auctioned to the floor

done like the out facing

The sea has no name for China

or even for America

The sea has no name for even itself.


Greta Bellamacina is a London-based poet and model who has just released an anthological book of poetry entitled A Collection of Contemporary British Love Poetry. Robert Montgomery is a London-based poet and word artist known for his fire poems. Camber Sands was co-written by Montgomery and Bellamacina in Spain for a new book entitled Points for Time In the Sky. photograph by Fabio Paleari