Teenager for Free

Text by Michael Bible and Kelsey Bennett from a working manuscript called Big Naturals

Teenager for Free

Summer everywhere. The gymnasts tan beside the marathon. Lucy writhes in the backseat of her father’s Jaguar. Coach gets his hormone treatments early. Forcefield, book report, hourglass. Always remember this world owes you nothing. Oh, and homework can suck my dick.

Your Sister Was Wiccan Webcam Girl

Touchdown rainbow downward dog. Broken hoodie zipper. Skittles and blowjobs. Fourth of July. I was on the swim team, she played trumpet in the band. The fever was everywhere. Cadillacs and skulls on her avatar. Men with lubrication fumbling in the dark.

California Urgent Care Julias

The magazine cover is men on horseback late for a hanging. Their shadows make giant octopuses in the grass. The falconer's falcon flies to the sun and fire ants build a raft with their dead. Is it Julia C. or Julia S. that I’m in love with? All I can think about is my landlord’s ballet slippers. An article on how wild algorithms might explain away desperate love. I dream of listening to 8-tracks driving west on Sunset toward the sea.

What It’s Like to Be From Nowhere

At the parade the debutantes blow their best kisses to delinquents. The policemen don snuggies and paper crowns. God bless America, whatever the fuck. The Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders white water raft on a big screen. Feather boa, rain stick, back massagers are two for one. Donut trucks do donuts in the eye of a hurricane. The banana car drives off a cliff. You have that Sunday night feeling everyday of the week.

Neo Nazi Paparazzi

Adolf was a lightning rod salesman in a time of drought. A very big, surprising man on a tiny bike. You never know where the next blast will come, was his opener. It isn’t long until we’re invaded by beautiful light. Before you know it, strange atmospheric pressure. Wise up, son. It’s Christmas where you’re from.

Michael Bible is the author of the novel Sophia (Melville House). His work has been published in the Oxford American, Paris Review Daily and New York Tyrant. Kelsey Bennett is an artist and curator who has shown work in New York, LA, London and Miami. She has been featured in VICE and Interview. Bible and Bennett's collaboration Sorry Saints will be exhibited at New York's Spring Break Art Show. They live in NYC.