Top 5 Fashion Retrospectives and Exhibitions Around the World

From New York to the Netherlands, from legendary big-names and up-and-coming innovators, here are our picks for the best fashion retrospectives and exhibitions going on right now:


The Circle brings together garments from the archives of legendary designers in conversation about the Celtic roots of glamour. Presented by Hackney’s Live Archives, the exhibition features work by Margiela, Rick Owens, Vivienne Westwood, Alexander McQueen, and more. The Circle will run until December 5 at Live Archives, London.


Viva Moschino! is the first retrospective on the brilliantly exuberant Franco Moschino. Featuring approximately 40 ensembles and accessories from 1983-1994, the retrospective highlights both Moschino’s resistance to the industry norm (read: the famous “Waist of Money” jacket) and his eloquent craftsmanship. Viva Moschino! is on view now until April 2016 at the Mint Museum, Charlotte, North Carolina.


Denim: Fashion’s Frontier at FIT explores how denim evolved from dude ranch wear to a staple of high fashion. The comprehensive exhibition features denim pieces from Levi Strauss and Woodstock to Gucci and Fiorucci. Denim: Fashion’s Frontier is on view now until May 2016 at the Fashion Institute of Technology, New York.


Utopian Bodies explores how fashion can be used to imagine a better future. Featuring legends like John Galliano (for Dior) and Prada as well as newcomers like Claire Barrow, the exhibition is a “visual feast” of the imaginative fashion world. Utopian Bodies will be on view until February 2016 at Liljevalchs Gallery, Liljevalchs, Stockholm.


The Future of Fashion Is Now looks at new, innovation work from contemporary, up-and-coming designers around the world. Works include sustainable laces grown from strawberry plants (by UK designer Carole Collet) and a solar-panel jacket that charges your phone while you wear it (Pauline van Dongen). See the next generation of designers until January 18th at Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

Text by Keely Shinners