[AUTRE PLAYLIST] Ambient, Drone, and Chilled Out IDM

The last two weeks have been madness for those of us amongst the art and fashion media. Who ever decided that New York Fashion Week and Art Gallery Back to School should fall on the same week is a terrible person. Perhaps there wasn't as much overlap in the art and fashion worlds when this was decided?

In any case, I'm fucking exhausted. I've written over 10 pieces for Autre and Forbes in the last week. Considering I live in South Brooklyn, that's a lot of running around. I need to get some sleep. And I have the perfect playlist to catch some Zs.

Once in a while, I'll pop in some ambient, drone, and chilled out '90s IDM to let the Ambien take hold and lull myself into blissful unconsciousness. Brian Eno's ambient work is unfuckwithablle, his ear for tone is as strong as his ear for melody. Aphex Twin is massively important to me, as much as Lou Reed or Hendrix. '#1' off of his 'Selected Ambient Works Vol. 2' has the most beautiful dripping tones that kick it off. I also included some choice William Basinski, an artist that I don't listen to much of but very much appreciate. There is  from the underrated drone duo Stars of the Lid, a group so dreamy they could send an epileptic on a speed binge into a restful 10 hour snooze.

Adam Lehrer is a writer, journalist, and art and fashion critic based in New York City. On top of being Autre’s fashion and art correspondent, he is also a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine. His unique interests in punk, hip hop, skateboarding and subculture have given him a distinctive, discerning eye and voice in the world of culture, et al. Oh, and he also loves The Sopranos. Follow him on Instagram: @adam102287