[AUTRE PLAYLIST] The History of Rock N' Roll

Traveling this week with limited access to WiFi, so I have decided to upload a pre-existing playlist, the Best Rock Playlist Ever, in accordance with my world view anyways. To me, everything about these bands capture the attitude that has made rock music a major part of my life since I was a kid. Everything from obvious rock n' roll gods like The Stones and Hendrix to '80s British stuff like Joy Division and yup, the Smiths, to farther out stuff like Columbus, OH-based freak rock band Vertical Slit and the sadly overlooked Pink Reason (whose 2007 Siltbreeze release "Clean the Mirror" got me through some tough and druggy times). A lot of this stuff has pretty much soundtracked my life. Rock n' roll has a way of accenting the high points and combating the low points. Have a nice weekend.

Adam Lehrer is a writer, journalist, and art and fashion critic based in New York City. On top of being Autre’s fashion and art correspondent, he is also a regular contributor to Forbes Magazine. His unique interests in punk, hip hop, skateboarding and subculture have given him a distinctive, discerning eye and voice in the world of culture, et al. Oh, and he also loves The Sopranos. Follow him on Instagram: @adam102287