My Favorite Bowie Album: Eleven Creative People Choose Their Favorite David Bowie Album

If you ask any one what their favorite David Bowie album is, they'll have an almost immediate response. Even people that don't have a favorite color, favorite artist, movie or dish - they have a number one favorite Bowie album. Of course, there will be a second favorite, a third favorite, a fourth favorite and beyond, but there is only one Bowie album in someone's life that means the most to them. Sure, each and every one of Bowie's albums changed music forever (and that is not an understatement) – even his last and final album Blackstar will live in the time vortex of some of the greatest music ever made. But, again, there is usually only one that rings the truest, like a personal message from Bowie himself. And it may take a while for Blackstar to be a favorite album, but wait until the new generation grows up, wait until the album ages and gets finer and finer with future musical epochs. There was literally no one like David Bowie. You can imagine his arrival on earth like a meteor's arrival, with the soil rippling and the air in waves from the shockwaves. When he left, it was like a crucial element, like oxygen, was missing from the atmosphere. Below, we asked a number of creative people what their favorite Bowie album is and here are their answers. 

1. Rosanna Arquette (Actress) / Favorite: Ziggy Stardust

2. Lucia Santina Ribisi (Artist) / Favorite: Hunky Dory

3. Sasha Frere-Jones (Writer and Music Critic) / Favorite: Station To Station

4. Clementine Creevy (Musician) / Favorite: Hunky Dory 

5. Jim Smith (Founder of The Smell In Los Angeles) / Favorite: Ziggy Stardust

6. Enoc Perez (Artist) / Favorite: Young Americans

7. Oliver Maxwell Kupper (Editor-in-Chief of Autre Magazine)  / Favorite: Scary Monsters

8. Andre Saraiva (Graffiti Artist and Hotelier) / Favorite: Heroes 

9. Brad Elterman (Photographer) / Favorite: Hunky Dory

10. Avalon Lurks (Musician) / Favorite: Bowie At The Beeb 

11. Devendra Banhart (Musian and Artist) / Favorite: Hunky Dory