[Music] Back to the Halcyon Days, of Punk

The Jeff & Jane Hudson story goes back to halcyon days of Punk and New Wave with The Rentals, who released two singles of lo-fi DiY Art Punk in between '77 and '80. In 1981, they started performing as a duo and began releasing post-nuclear electronic pop songs under their own names. 1981 saw the release of the "World Trade" EP as well as the "No Clubs" 7", followed in '82 by "Attack Under Attack" which featured the first appearance of "Los Alamos," which would reappear on their debut LP. The duo reached their pinnacle with 1983's seminal "Flesh." Perhaps one of the United States biggest achievements in the entire "synth" movement of the era. Completely self produced by the band, the record has since been oft-cited as a groundbreaking and pivotal LP of the post-punk era, who's original copies are now heavily coveted by collectors. This is the first time since the original issue that "Flesh" is reappearing on the vinyl format as a co-release with Dark Entries record. This edition features remastering culled from the original master tapes and expanded with an extra LP of singles and EP material. It's also the first wide-scale digital and CD release these recordings have yet to see. Due out this April. www.officialjeffandjane.com

Jeff/Jane Hudon -  Los Alamos

[audio:http://www.solidgoldrags.com/music/Jeff__Jane_-_Los_Alamos.mp3|titles=Los Alamos ]