[Wait In Vain] by Adarsha Benjamin

Wait In Vain is a new series by photographer Adarsha Benjamin shot in the Bowery Hotel in New York that explores the loneliness and longing of waiting. Starring artist and actress Nina Ljeti, Annakim Violette–daughter of Tom Petty and talented artist in her own right, and make-up artist Jordan Bree Long this  series is an introspective view of solitude, femininity, strength and beauty. Set in informal and natural lighting, Benjamin's subject inhabit the hotel room's walls like beautiful and romantic ghosts. 

All apparel provided by Condor


Dress: Diana Matias/Shirt: Ricardo Andrez/Sweat: Maria Gambina/Leggins: Sara Maia

Kham is an editorial directed and styled by Nelson Vieira and photographed by Aloisio Brito and their brilliant creative team based in Oporto, Portugal exclusively for Pas Un Autre. Kham paints a dusty, bucolic landscape, replete with sheep and their restless herder who meanders dirt roads and jagged mountainous byways perhaps begging longingly for whats beyond the great horizon. 

Left:Dress: Ricardo Dourado/Shirt: Luis Buchinho Right: Sweat: Estelita Mendonça/Troussers: Hugo Costa/Coat: Luis Buchinho
Left:Dress: Ricardo Dourado/Shirt: Luis Buchinho
Sweat: Ricardo Dourado/Skirt: Diana Matias
Knitted sweat: Claudia Garrido/Skirt, Leggins and Shirt: Sara Maia
Sweat: Estelita Mendonça/Troussers: Hugo Costa/Coat: Luis Buchinho
Sweat: Ricardo Dourado/Short: Maria Gambina/Leggins: Diana Matias

Photography by Aloisio Brito/Fashion Stylist and Art Director: Nelson Vieira/Hair Model: Joana Castro, Best Models Stylist: Juliana Lamares with Style Master Revlon Professional products/Make-up: Tinoca with MAC products/Assistant Photography: Luisa Rodrigues