Enrique Metinides: Nota Roja

Enrique Metinides_photographer_3

Mexican press photographer Enrique Metinides, known as The Nino, has oft been mentioned in the same breath as American press photographer Weegee, and if you're one their subjects, which you should hope your not, its probably your last breath at that. Enrique Metinides' shocking tabloid photography of murder, car and plane wrecks, and crime on the streets of Mexico City are still life's of tragedy – sober reminders of the chaotic and violent nature of our extremely unpredictable existence.  Born in 1939 to greek immigrants to Mexico, Metinides started taking photographs in the dangerous barrios of Mexico city at only ten years old and soon started selling his them to newspapers – his first cover was published when he was only twelve.  From the 1970s to the early 1990s Metinides published his works in sensational Mexican newspapers, otherwise known at 'Nota Roja' or bloody news.  A new book by Kominek includes 100 of Metinides photographs in color and black & white.  


You can buy the book Enrique Metinides: Series here.