[UTTERLY TRANSPARENT] Manuela Dack Autumn/Winter 2011


Manuela Dack has released a her new Autumn/Winter collection - which was designed to be layered and seasonally transitional.  Moreover, the "layering of sheer fabrics and embellishment over leather, wool and raw silk stay true to the designers aesthetic of subtle modern chic, while showcasing the attention to detail."


Always focusing on luxury and quality Manuela Dack juxtaposes feminine fabrics such as chiffon with harder masculine materials that include leather and metal, creating beautifully constructed and experimental pieces. While at the same time pursuing and developing new technology and materials such as scented print (as featured in W magazine), which is due to feature in an exclusive line of hand printed basics unveiling later this spring.

Her graduate collection from Middlesex University looked at ritualistic scarring and marking of the skin, referencing the designers fascination with different cultures interpretations of beauty. A collection from which signature details and pieces arose.