A New Fashion Shoot by Javier Ferrer Vidal

This new fashion shoot comes to us from photographer Javier Ferrer Vidal featuring jewelry by Spanish based Ma Jewellery from the collection entitled On The Road Leopard. Designer of Ma Jewellery, Marina Figueiredo says, "The leopard owns something unique and paradoxical: its speckled coat. It’s something rare, but it gives a very good camouflagte when this big cat has to go unnoticed. Its life is quite more nocturnal, above all when the hour of hunting is coming: darkness, silence and agility define this moment." See more photos after the jump.

Photography by Javier Ferrer Vidal / Models: Diego de Ramón and Pauline Deleplancque / Photo assistant: Marta Benedito / Jewelry by Ma Jewellry