[REVIEW] Nicolas Jaar @ Salon Zur Wilden Renate, Berlin

I'm welcomed to the club by my gracious host Tony, who I emailed just a few hours before about checking out the quite sold out Nicolas Jaar show. Nicloas Jaar seems to be a big deal in Berlin. His music plays all around town in the cafes and bars and every time I mentioned him I'm met with warm approval. His father Alfredo Jaar is currently having a retrospective at the Berlinische Galerie. Tony meets me at the door to walk me in, casually asks about who I'm covering the event for and instructs me to have 'the very best time possible.' I walk into a big sun filled courtyard that immediately makes me think about Never Never Land. Gigantic trees blooming with disco balls, a giant swinging viking ship soaring above a dance floor, sunbathers by the kiddie pool, half a dozen 20-somethings spinning on a truck-tire swing, enormous brightly colored balloons bouncing around the crowd, a food truck churning out gooey crepes, and whole lot of dancing going on everywhere you look. I walk through the VIP where the easyJet set are reveling in plumes of smoke and on frosted horizontal mirrors, wearing a mixed bag of 80's future glam, ironic thrift store scores and skinny-fit riviera chic. I wander through the crowds taking in the colorful scenery and allowing myself to get taken in by the by the driving sounds from NY DJ's wolf + lamb. Around dusk Nicolas Jaar comes on with a long rambling intro that silences the crowd before his airtight, signature drop sets off the night. The next couple hours are a pastiche of Nicolas' varying musical ideas and influences turned up past his normal chill level to a velocity better fit for the dance floor. I overhear a tall and serious Italian man saying 'he's really the best of the best, and you know why? He has is own style - completely original.' That seems to be the general sentiment. The open air series at Renate closes early, so by 1am the crowd starts pouring out into the night where many of the clubs stay open throughout the entire weekend. As I get swept out into the street I can't help thinking to myself, this just might be Never Never Land.

Be sure to visit Nicolas Jaar's website for more info and to find our about upcoming shows. You can also click here to listen and download Nicolas Jaar's amazing BBC Essential Mix. Text and photography by Perry Shimon for Pas Un Autre