DON'T CALL HER ALASKA: An Interview with Marlowe Tatiana Granados

London based photographer Marlowe Tatiana Granados is a chronicler of moments, a diarist, and her work is a visual collage of the moments of her life. Through her zines, such as the hedonistic title Petite Anarchy, and her first book, I Am No Longer Alaska, published by RVCA and now exclusively available at Colette in Paris,  Granados is a visceral artist who is not afraid to bare her soul to the world.  Concurrent with the release of her first book, Granados is exhibiting her photographs alongside David Mushegain at the Don't Call it Cool show now on view at Colette until August 27th.

Do you remember the first image you ever took? My first photo was when I was really, really young, it was probably of a cat.

What are some of your inspirations?  Vengeance, beauty, natural light, limerence, humour.

How does it feel to publish your first book of photography?  So, so grateful. David Mushegain really encouraged me to have it ready to run concurrently with his exhibition at Colette. The idea had been in my mind for a while and I had started to put it together. I was so anxious before I got to see the final version in Paris, I had nightmares that the printing order was wrong! The book is incredibly personal to me, it's dedicated to my mother. It's much more of a visual narrative than a book of my photographs, it's a lot more intimate.

Where does the title come from?  The title references Stephanie Says by the Velvet Underground, you know, She's not afraid to die/the people all call her Alaska...When you're really young you have a foolish sense of recklessness, this really romantic idea of being untouchable. The book is about the change, when you realize you've lost this kind of invincibility whether it's due to events out of your control or just time. I guess, figuratively "melting", but also looking back with fondness.

Each photograph is accompanied by a text, which one is your favorite?  "WE WERE ALL DANGEROUS ONCE"

Text by Oliver Maxwell Kupper for Pas Un Autre