[INTERVIEW] I Know You Know

I.K.Y.K., which stands for I Know You Know, is a fashion label based in Jakarta, Indonesia.  With their newest Fall/Winter 2011 collection, entitled Romantic Postiche, I.K.Y.K. expores the charade inherent in our human sociology – the fake smiles, the feigned happiness in our voice, etcetera.  I was intrigued by I.K.Y.K. after watching their newest short fashion film which is endearingly eccentric, but explores the theme of the current in a brilliant and cinematic way.  I reached out to I.K.Y.K and the designer Anandia Putri who responded with elucidating enthusiasm, albeit with broken English, but that didn't stop the point from getting across. Read the interview and view film after the jump.

Who is behind I.K.Y.K. and what does I.K.Y.K. stand for? IKYK is a brand that comes from my passion in fashion, I wanted to create something that resembles our creative thinking – about how to look good effortlessly, keep it stylish with a little touch that brings others to stop their eyes for a while. There are some special people behind IKYK, the creative team is a woman named Anandia Putri and a man named Addri Basuki. Each individual has its great potential, passion and desire, and very strong grasp of the world [laughs]. Our great friends and parents. And of course any other crew who helps us. The name it self IKYK means I Know You Know, so then I was trying to see what the trends were and combine it with our own interpretation. Much like telepathy, at any time if someone knows something without a lot of talking and acting, its all about the same understanding between us and the people around us. A brand that truly understands not only the trend but the people as well. So we have come to I KNOW YOU KNOW – PERFECT, IT GOES WITHOUT SAYING.

How long has the label been around? IKYK established itself formally in 2010 of December last year, and the grand launch in January of this year 2011. Therefore, our first campaign, we called it "The Secret Revealed" – we have a teaser, video and print. The Secret Revealed was about a debut that want to display by IKYK.

What is the inspiration behind the new collection? Our true inspiration in every collection comes  from anywhere, from the surrounding environment, from everyday conversation, anywhere... but this time the greatest inspiration of emotion is ourselves, so this collection is attached and gives special emotion in us.

Can you tell me a little about whats behind the new video? Hmm.....first of all, this time we are very lucky to be working with a young director who has a remarkable talent, he really played a big role to help us out in the current process of this video so it can become viral, Heru Admadja. Well.....so here's the story....every collection of IKYK contains strong emotion. We see the reality of our everyday circumstances. For the theme of this campaign, we picked the theme of "Romantic Postiche" – it's like the unfathomable in the perpetual charade of human emotion. Whereas society grew weary, yet continuously feels the need to show fictitious display of affection towards others. It's a wonderful romantic relationship but still peppered by the intrigues of life, such as falsehood, hatred and depression. Presenting IKYK’s Fall Winter 2011 collection, inspired from the inestimable conflict where romance is not always quixotic. Love to hate. Hate to love. A Romantic Postiche. You know like what always happens, life!

You are based in Jakarta, correct? Is there a big fashion scene there? Yes, Jakarta, and yes you should come to Jakarta! Jakarta has a lot of flare and proliferation of many local brands, we compete equally stringent for advancing the fashion of our country, Indonesia. Every person in South-Jakarta, Jakarta in particular may have very creative ways to explore what in them thats the best.

What are some of your artistic inspirations or influences? Our beloved city Jakarta. Love to hate, many wonderful stories and not inside it. We love our muse, Ayla Dimitri [a fashion stylist] and people in Jakarta, those people who can inspire people around them. But in the end, our parents, are our biggest inspirations.

Where you can you buy I.K.Y.K.? Can be purchased on our web ikyk.tumblr.com or email us ikykinfo@gmail.com or on wesbstore www.resvogue.com and our collection can be purchase directly at the department store at Plaza Indonesia Jakarta.

Whats next? We hope and we should continue what we create with developing wings wide open, maybe a line for men? Or to expand toward the expanded internationally because IKYK always about learning, and for us stop learning is the barrier of being success. We're happy dreamers, that's our key!

Text by Oliver Maxwell Kupper