Beautiful Translucence: An Interview with Photographer Lena Modigh

There is a delicate and beautiful translucence about the images of London based, Swedish born, photographer Lena Modigh.  With a softness of light, Lena weaves an deceivingly imperceptible gossamer, like a veil between romance and secret desire, in what seems more like stills from a movie than actual photographs – and maybe thats because of her background in film. Pas Un Autre got a chance to ask Lena a few questions about her background, inspiration, and what she's working on now.

So, who is Lena Modigh  - where are you based? At the age of nineteen I fortunately managed to avoid a career in Stockholm banking and instead fled my idyllic Swedish homeland for New Zealand. Soon after I set my sights on New York, where I resided for several years, working in the film industry. I became more and more fascinated with still image so decided to study photography in London, where I settled and after a few years assisting started shooting my own work.

Can you remember the first image you ever took? It must have been a photograph of a big rock in the backyard of my Elementary School. The project was to photograph something and then choose the music for that picture. Very exciting!

What brought you into photography? My Dad was a happy amateur, taking very close-up pictures of flowers, me, my brother and mother, and of trips that we made. Then about once every other month we would have a slideshow, a bit like a movie night. I think that must have started it.

What are some of your biggest inspirations? Patti Smith, Sara Moon, David Hamilton..women.....travels....and music.

If there was one thing you would to communicate through your photography - what would that be? A sense of feeling.

Are you working on anything thats the most exciting right now?An exhibition with illustrator Sagah-Maria Sandberg.

Whats next? Hopefully loads of commissions that involves travelling.