ANALOG NOT DEAD: THE Photographic Diary of Marija Mandić

Marija Mandić, a twenty year old photographer from Novi Sad, Serbia, is finding a unique photographic voice with visually arresting images of her own inner life.  Her photography is so personal at times it is hard not to feel like you've opened some kind of diary, but this is exactly what makes Marija Mandić's work so interesting, because she has invited us to look. And through the blur, the dust, the sometimes overexposed and sometimes underexposed – with forgivable, purposeful intention, but much more owing to the the unpredictability of analog – we are offered a rare glimpse into the life of a young artist embarking on an even more unpredictable odyssey.

Can you tell me a little about your inspirations and influences? I find inspiration in people that surround me in my everyday life. Lately I made some changes in my style, I think it’s not obvious yet, but it will be. I like my photo diary and I don’t want to stop doing that, but I have some new ideas about my photography.

Who are some of your favorite photographers? One of my favorite photographers is definitely Lukasz Wierzbowski, and beside him I really like Synchrodogs, Sam Hesamian, Margaret Durow, Lina Scheynius and of course Martin Parr, Diane Arbus and Sally Mann.

What was it like growing up in Serbia? When I think about it, it wasn’t that bad. I had a safe childhood in the countryside and an interesting life in the city when I was younger. These were the good days, and I would love to remember only that, so I can say it was okay.

Who are some the reoccurring subjects in your photographs? My friends, my boyfriend, my mother and my grandmother Anka. They make my everyday life, and I love to catch moments that I spend with them. There are more people, like my younger brother, but he doesn’t like to be photographed. I have that luck, that all of them are really beautiful and photogenic.

Can you tell me a little bit about CircleE? CircleE is one and first in a series of the projects on which I am working on with my friend, also photographer Marija Kovač. We are working on CircleE with Aela Labbe, who is great photographer from France. CircleE is a project which goal is communication among young people through photography. Content of each photo is associated with the previous.

Whats next? I am working on one big project with Marija Kovač and Lidia Teleki, my friend who is involved in production. I rather not say anything about this, but you will sure be informed when the project is over.


text by Oliver Maxwell Kupper for Pas Un Autre