Naked Eye: The Voice & Life of Ney Matogrosso


Ney Matogrosso was a leather artisan with a rare voice at the right place at the right time.  Brazil, 1966, a polychromatic cultural revolution was taking place called tropicália.  Even more psychedelic and revolutionary than the sexual revolution commencing in the thick white fog of San Francisco, tropicalia pervaded every corner of  Brazilian culture: theater, poetry, dance, and especially music.  You could call tropicália music an evolutionary divergence of psychedelia that amalgamated  traditional America rock n' roll, Afro-Cuban rhythms, and funk.  When the band Secos e Molhados wanted a male leader singer with a high pitched voice they got even more than they asked for.  Enter Ney Matogrosso, and his sopranino voice with tonal ranges beyond a soprano, who helped Secos e Molhados reach explosive success.  When the band dissolved Matogrosso went on with a solo career that has lasted through the present. According to Art Brazil, a documentary on Matogrosso's 40 year carreer is currently in post production.  The documentary, entitled Naked Eye, will be  premiered in August - most likely in Brazil - on Ney Matogrosso's 70th birthday.     Text by Oliver Maxwell Kupper

mp3:::ney matogrosso - Pedra de Rio

[audio:|titles=04 Pedra de Rio]

mp3:::ney matogrosso - Barco Negro

[audio:|titles=07 Barco Negro]