Discovered: 'Black Mirror' Roger Gilbert-Lecomte

"Dark: two perfectly identical human mouths kiss each other to death." R.G-L

"[He] is one of the rare poets of this century to cultivate such a form of violent, tortuous, oppressive lyricism, a lyricism made up pf the screams of a man being flayed alive...," writes Antonin Artaud in a review, and reprinted as an introduction to Black Mirror, a selection of discovered writings by little known, anti-surrealist poet Roger Gilbert-Lecomte.  With a life mired by tragedy and drug addiction (he died from tetanus as he was prone to shooting up morphine through a pair of dirty trousers), Lecompte managed to leave behind a dark and incendiary selection of writings, collected in the book Black Mirror: The Selected Poems of Roger Gilbet-Lecomte.