A Prospect of the Sea

Dylan Thomas, outside the Ashmolean, Oxford c.1946 © Francis Reiss

'Wake up,' she said into his ear; the iron characters were broken in her smile, and Eden sank into the seventh shade.  She told him to look into her eyes.  He had thought that her eyes were brown or green, but they were sea-blue with black lashes, and her thick hair was black.  She rumpled his hair, and put his hand deep in her breast so that he knew the nipple of heart was red. He looked in her eyes, but they made a round glass of the sun, and as he moved sharply away he saw through the transparent trees; she could make a long crystal of each tree, and turn the house wood into gauze.  She told him her age, and it was a new number.  'Look in my eyes,' she said.  It was only an hour to the proper night, the stars were coming out and the moon was ready.  She took his hand and led him racing between trees over the ridge of the dewy hill, over the flowering nettles and the shut grass-flowers, over the silence into sunlight and the noise of a sea breaking on sand and stone." (Dylan Thomas, from "A Prospect of the Sea.")