[PARFUM D'UNE FEMME] Petite Mort / The Scent of an Orgasm

La petite mort, French for "the little death", is a decidedly poetic metaphor for an orgasm. The question of capturing "the elusive substance" in a bottle, much less a scent, seem's daunting.  With his first foray into perfume, such was the task for Marc Atlan, an art director for clients such as Comme des Garçons, Yves Saint Laurent, and Tom Ford. So how do you capture that moment of climax? You don't really.  You create a conceptual representation, which in and of itself, if you have ever had an orgasm is a pretty intense.  With the rise of artfume, a term I just coined,  more and more perfumers are exploring and inventing wholly new, post modern twists on the classic eau de toilette. Think M/Mink, a line of perfume with the scent of Korean calligraphy ink. According to Petite Mort: "...its a scent based on the paradox of impossible ephemerality." Only 100 bottles of Petite Mort (Parfum D'Une Femme) is available in bottles designed specifically designed and numbered.  www.petitemortparfum.com