[ON VIEW] The Portraits Richard C. Miller

Richard Crump Miller was a true American working class photographer. From photographing airplanes for service manuals during WWII, to his snapshots of the construction of the Hollywood freeway–and all the way to his unique, saturated carbro prints of celebrities, assignments for various magazines, and covers of the Saturday Evening Post, Miller is a photographer who has captured the pathology and false paradise of the American dream. Miller's photographs ooze with a tenderness of a country still in the cocoon of its innocence.  Moreover, Miller's iconic portraits of James Dean and Elizabeth Taylor on the set of Giant show not only a human side to celebrity, but the boredom suffered in the manufacture of our idols.  Richard C. Miller -- Portraits is on view at the Craig Krull Gallery at Bergamot Station in Santa Monica until June 11. www.bergamotstation.com