The Photographic Album of Joan Colom

Joan Colom was born in Barcelona in 1921. Following military service, he became an accountant in a firm where he stayed until his retirement in 1986. But at the age of 36 he also developed a passion for photography, joining the Photographic Association of Catalonia where he very quickly learnt the technical skills that helped him in his atypical career. Colom is considered one of the most important photographers of the 50s and 60s and one of the greatest documentalists of everyday life in Barcelona. With both passion and respect, his series gave expression to the spirit of Barcelona’s Raval district and became one of the most exceptional photography essays of the time. An exhibition at the Fundació Foto Colectania in Barcelona presents for the first time to the public an unedited album, which includes some of the author's favorite photographs, selected and arranged by him in a graphic sequence of great impact. On view until October 29