Plossu Retrospective At Camera Obscura

Camera Obscura Gallery in Paris, who represents the French photographer Bernard Plossu is currently presenting Parcours dans l’œuvre de Bernard Plossu, du Mexique à l’Ardèche, a retrospective of sorts in two parts through two bodies of work, entitled “voyage en Mexique” (1965-1966) and “le pays des petites routes (2008-2010) en Ardèche”. In 1965 Plossu arrived in Mexico and took photographs of the landscapes and of the people to create his series “Voyage Mexicaine." Plossu also traveled to Africa in 1975 and then lived in New Mexico before moving to France in 1985. In the 1970s, he invented a simple and neutral photographic style, without depriving the sentimentality from his pictures. The photographer is mainly recognized for his black and white pictures, however at the exhibition, spectators have the opportunity to discover his color photography as well.  It should be noted also that this exhibition is displaying never before published works by Plossu.  On view until December 23.