The Elegant Beasts

"Moody & Farrell’s Spring/Summer 2012 collection is inspired by fabulous creatures and is filled with shapes that evoke underwater leviathans, crouching beasts and giant crustaceans. During the Golden Age of exploring, sailors and adventurers would often return home with descriptions of wonderful new animals which illustrators would attempt to draw – with wildly inaccurate results, leading to fantastical depictions of giraffes, crocodiles and walruses. It is these mutant beasts which have informed this set of hats, the bastard off-spring of tall tales,improbable visions and things that go bump in the night. A diverse range of materials have been used, many of which would be more usually found on a galleon than in a hat. From fine cashmeres and silks in muted colours – to oak, leather and rope. With its wild shapes, bold colours and mythical silhouettes, this collection is exciting yet feminine, utterly original yet entirely flattering on the head." [....]