Younger Than They Appear

“RJ installed a mirror above his bed so he could watch himself fuck. In my opinion, any sane woman who came over to fuck would roll their eyes and leave but he fucks weirdos so I guess it’s par for the course. I think it’s pretty cheesy but to each their own, I guess. One thing he didn’t take into consideration was that our ceiling is slanted ‘cause it’s a converted attic. So, when he installed the mirror and laid on his bed, he looked up and because of the slant didn’t see the bed but instead saw the doorway on the other side of his room. Fucking hilarious oversight!!! So, he has to lie upside down on the bed so he can see himself. To demonstrate the needed position, Rob pretended to buttfuck Ledger on the bed. Because RJ fucks young girls, I installed a sign that said, “WARNING- Objects in mirror are younger than they appear.” He wasn’t impressed but everyone else in the house got a good laugh.” From the journals of photographer Ben Pobjoy