[BOOKS] The Cruise of the Rolling Junk

As the release date inches closer for the highly anticipated adaptation of that Mona Lisa of American literature The Great Gatsby, starring Leonardo DiCaprio and and Carry Mulligan, I can tell we'll be hearing a lot about the Fitzgeralds this year. The world that F Scott. Fitzgerald brought to the page was one contradictory to our current times, but perhaps because of our times there is a shred of vicarity to the whole thing.  Now, from F. Scott and his wife Zelda, like an upper-crust version Bonnie & Clyde, comes the reprint of a story F. Scott once wrote for Motor magazine called The Cruise of the Rolling Junk. In an early series of journalistic pieces for Motor magazine, F. Scott Fitzgerald described a journey he took with his wife Zelda from Connecticut to Alabama in a clapped out automobile which he called the "Rolling Junk." It is a piece of writing whose style, in free-ranging alternation of fact and fiction, has been compared to Jerome K. Jerome's Three Men in a Boat. This book collects together the articles as one text, illustrated with the original illustrations of Fitzgerald, Zelda, and the "Junk." You can purchase the book here