The Mysterious Photography of Marty Mannington

Christopher Lusher of Hillbilly Magazine sent over a link to a fascinating project – a collection of photographs he found in the garbage by a mysterious photographer named Marty Mannington – all beautifully scanned and presented on a tumblr platform giving a unique, albeit posthumous, narrative to a life that would otherwise remain anonymous. Lusher: "This is a collection of photos I found in my garbage one day in a large, baby blue suitcase. The only thing held within was photo album after photo album. A narrative ran through all of the photos from various stages of Mrs. Manningtons life. The final and most recent photos show an ill Mrs. Mannington in her hospital bed and thats where the narrative ends. I am presenting these photos here as a platform for someone who clearly enjoyed photography and am offering a chance for the passed to speak. They are presented without titles or information as to give the viewer more of a dynamic, spontaneous and perhaps haunting experience. Music is added to enrich the feeling and mood of the photos." Visit Marty Mannington's strange world.