Hit Me Love Me: The Weird World of Actually Huizenga

Performance artist, pseudo-porn star, singer, Actually Huizenga looks like a throw back to something out of the pages of Hustler circa-1979, but the vision she is creating through her art and music is distinctly new - even verging on futuristic. Huizenga, born and raised in the Hollywood Hills, specializes in "raw Bacchanalian Los Angeles music video kitsch" and performs live as Actually with her band Wet Look - a solo record is on its way. And along with her collaborator Socrates Mitsios are creating a series of 5 to 8 minute videos, entitled SoftRock, that they call an "exercise in the photogenics of sex, exploring the power within the act (both social and aesthetic)." They also refer to the films as "Pop Rape" which in its simple, brilliant distillation is a perfect term to describe an entirely new, futuristic brand of cinema and music. The first two installments of SoftRock premiered at the Pompidou Centre as part of Diane Pernet's A Shaded View on Fashion Film, and a third installment is currently being edited and is due out soon. Actually will perform at King, King in Los Angeles on April 19.