In December of 2011 while walking on Sunset Blvd, near the intersection of Vine Street, Gregory Bojorquez was caught in the crossfire of a shoot out between a gunman and LAPD. As Bojorquez instinctively snapped pictures, police shot the gunman dead in the street. One innocent bystander was also shot and later died in the hospital. Bojorquez’ photographs were carried by hundreds of newspapers around the world, but have never before been available to view as a sequence of fine art prints. Using these series of photographs as a backbone, Bene Taschen (son of Benedict Taschen) has curated a retrospective of sorts of photographs by Bojorquez from the 90s and 2000s. Gregory Bojorquez .45 POINT BLANK will be on view at the Hardhitta Gallery  until July 12, East Annex, 5900 Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA